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Today more than ever Internet Commerce is globally accepted as a convenient and effective way to do business. Hardlink offers several options for secure servers depending on price and budget.

What is SSL Encryption?

Simply put, it is a way to assure your customers that their information is not being viewed by anyone except for its intended recipient. Almost all browsers support SSL encryption and make it obvious to the customer using a secure Web page that the page is secure. It is this reassurance that allows Web sites to bring in more orders and close more sales.

How Does SSL Work?

There are three main components to a secure Web site...

  1. Hardlink Virtual Server - The Best place on the Net to store your Web site!
  2. Secure Software - This is the software installed on the server that does all the encryption work. At Hardlink, we use Apache SSL (http://www.apache.org)
  3. Signed Certificate - This is like a "digital signature" that is approved by Thwate (http://www.thawte.com). This authentication from Thawte lets your customers know that you are who you say you are and your domain name is legit.

Options to Choose From

Shared SSL Server, Shared Certificate

The shared SSL server uses the Hardlink Web Site Manager to allow customers to share space on the Hardlink main server where they can store images and files that need to be accessed securely. This method of SSL encryption is the simplest to setup and the least expensive because the secure software runs on the Hardlink server and the secure forms uploaded by customers are under the Hardlink domain, therefore neither the secure software nor the certificate is required by the customer.

Prices for the shared SSLserver, shared certificate: We do not charge extra for this service. It comes free with the Hardlink account.

Allow 24 hours for setup. The name of the secure server is: ssl.hardlink.net.

Shared SSL Server Only

If you have the need to run your own secure CGI programs, you will need to get your own secure server. By having your own secure server, everyone of your Web pages will be able to be accessed *securely* by typing


The "s" lets the browser know to encrypt each page. For an example, just call any Hardlink URL using the "https" in place of the "http".

Getting your own secure site could be a long process. You must get your own digital ID This digital ID lets the world know that you are a legitimate business. To grant you this ID, Thawte must first investigate your business. You can either supply them with:

We have exprience with getting Certificates and will help you through the process.

How the shared SSL server works: We have one copy of the SSL software running the Hardlink main server. We add your domain in the configuration file as an additional domain.

Prices for the shared SSL server: Thawte charges  $125 for this service. This is a one time charge with a renewal charge of $125 per year. Hardlink charges nothing to assist in setting up your secure server.

Allow about 10 working days for setup (longer if a DUNS number cannot be provided).

SSL for Dedicated Servers

If you have your own dedicated server with Hardlink and you need secure CGI-BIN access, you will also need your own SSL software. Full information on this software can be obtained at apache.org. It is the Apache SSL software.

How SSL for a dedicated server works: The SSL software actually runs as a Web server that shares your domain. It requires generating a "key" from the server. This is a 512 bit key that gets encrypted and digitally "signed" by Verisign.

If you are interested in using a Secure Server, please contact us. We will help you process the needed information.

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