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Many corporations are finding that they need a dedicated line to the Internet. This allows them to be able to take full advantage of the incredible resources that the Internet has to offer. It allows corporations to connect different office locations together. Some use the connection to put up a Cyber store to advertise and sell their products. The amount of possiblities are just being explored.

The Internet Hardlink Co offers a variety of ways of connecting your corporate office to the Internet. From a simple dedicated dialup connection to Frame Relay. We can handle connections from a simple 28Kbps modem to a Full T1 connection. All of our pricing includes all Telco Charges. That means that we do not have to give a special quote. The price listed below is the price your company will pay.

Frame Relay and Fractional T1 services are ideal for businesses that require high speed access. The basic set-up works like this:

Your Office LAN is connected to a Cisco Router and
Adtran TSU to transfer the signal into Frame Relay packets. From the Router TSU unit a T1 line connects your LAN to the Frame Relay Cloud. The Frame Relay cloud connects to Hardlink's Internet Access Point, which feeds directly into the internet's backbone via multiple T3 connections. If you would be interested in Frame Relay or Fractional T1 service, please e-mail us at

All quotes are minimum two year contract.

ServiceSpeedHardwareCapacitySetup CostMonthly Cost
56k Service56kbpsAdtran DSU/CSU
Cisco Router
Ideal for small office, lowend serving.$500$300
Fractional T1384kbpsAdtran DSU/CSU
Cisco Router
Large office, medium to high level serving.$500$800
Full T11.5MbpsAdtran DSU/CSU
Cisco Router
Company wide connectivity, premium high bandwidth serving.$1000$1675

If you would like to purchase the Adtran TSU from us. The price would be:

For 56K service use: Adtran 1200062L1 - Cost $300
For more than 56K service use: Adtran 1200050L1 - Cost $1000.

A CISCO 2501 will cost between $1000 and $3000 depending on the features you desire.

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